About Us

Dr. Jeannie Dunn, Ed. D.
Irlen® Diagnostician, Clinic Director

Jeannie DunnDr. Jeannie Dunn, Irlen® Syndrome Diagnostician and Educational Consultant opened Learning Associates of the Grand Valley to provide individualized educational services and help for people suffering with Irlen Syndrome. Even as a young child, she wanted to share her love of learning. During her elementary school years, Jeannie encouraged children in her neighborhood to enjoy reading as much as she did by setting up a lending library with her collection of Little Golden Books and providing reading instruction on her front porch to classmates. Her passion for learning led her to earn a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership and a Masters Degree in Special Education.

After becoming a certified Irlen® Screener in 1989, Jeannie used The Irlen® Method to help students improve their reading skills. After 37 years in public education as a special education teacher and school administrator, Jeannie fulfilled a long-time desire by completing the extensive training to become an Irlen® Syndrome Diagnostician. Jeannie and her colleagues at Learning Associates are proud to offer professional services to improve the lives of children and adults who struggle with learning challenges and individuals with Irlen Syndrome.

Jeannie is a member of the Association of Educational Therapists, the Council for Exceptional Children, the International Literacy Association, and the International Dyslexia Association.

Jeannie has attended:

LSU Graduate School at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Masters in Special Education

The Graduate School at the Univeristy of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Doctorate in Education


If you would like to contact Jeannie please call (970) 773 – 6530 or email her at jeannie@learningassociatesgv.com


Laura White
Irlen® Screener, Reading Specialist and Associate

Laura“If we can give someone the gift of self-confidence and hope, it will make all the difference”

Laura White is a native of Grand Junction and has had 22 years of direct experience working alongside children with reading difficulties in a school setting.  Laura attended Adams State College and has completed extensive training in administering assessments and reading instruction as an employee of Mesa County Valley School District #51.

Laura loves interacting with children and adults and wants everyone to enjoy reading as much as she does.  She uses her expertise and training to help others improve their reading skills.  As an Irlen Screener, she eliminates the discomfort and physical symptoms that some people experience when reading or doing other visually intensive activities.

Laura has held library positions at Fruita Monument High School and Adams State College.

If you would like to talk to Laura please call (970) 822 – 2427 or email her at laura@learningassociatesgv.com


Paula Wehner
Irlen® Screener, Reading and Math Specialist, Associate


Paula is a certified Irlen Syndrome Screener and a reading and math interventionist.  Growing up in a family of educators, Paula’s desire to be a teacher started early.   After graduating with a degree in Elementary Education, she moved to Grand Junction, CO from Pennsylvania.

During a 32-year teaching career at Tope Elementary School, she nurtured and inspired in her young students a love of learning.  In addition to being a classroom teacher, she also worked as a special education teacher, a math interventionist, coordinated a peer mediation program, mentored less experienced teachers, and served as a university cooperating teacher for student teachers.

After retiring from public education, she is continuing to use her expertise to help others through her work at Learning Associates.


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