We help you to feel confident and energized by relieving symptoms of Irlen Syndrome, as well as, helping you to overcome learning challenges.  Experience less stress and get excited about all areas of your life!

Learning Associates of the Grand Valley

What is Irlen Syndrome?

“Irlen Syndrome is a perceptual processing disorder caused by the brain’s inability to process specific wavelengths of light.” –

Common Symptoms

Symptoms can include reading difficulties and physical symptoms such as eyestrain, light sensitivity, headaches or migraines.

Who Does it Affect?

It affects approximately 20% of the general population, 46% with reading problems, and individuals with autism spectrum disorder or head trauma.

Irlen LogoLearning Associates of the Grand Valley, an Irlen Clinic, focuses on providing high-quality, personalized services for clients with Irlen Syndrome.  We also provide educational services:  consultations, evaluations, and individualized instruction.  Let us help you reach your goals.

Deana, College Student

“I have had severe headaches every day of my life.  I have been to doctors, taken medication, and gotten glasses.  Nothing helped until my Irlen Spectral Filters.”

Regional High School Student

“I knew I was smart and not crazy.”


“Now I understand what they are going through…”