Irlen® Syndrome

About Irlen® Syndrome


What does your typical Irlen® Syndrome client look like?

Our typical Irlen® Syndrome clients are someone with migraine headaches, someone who is not an efficient reader, someone who has severe light sensitivity, someone who sees visual distortions in their environment, or someone who has experienced head trauma.

Here is an example of Irlen® Syndrome distortions…



What is the first step?

The first thing we do is to determine if the person has Irlen® Syndrome.   It affects 15-20 % of the general population, almost half of individuals with reading difficulties and migraine headaches, and many individuals identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Many people are misdiagnosed with dyslexia or ADHD when the underlying factor of their learning challenges  is Irlen Syndrome.


If I think I have Irlen® Syndrome how do I find out?

We will have you complete a self-test of symptoms of Irlen® Syndrome.  In reviewing the self-test with you, we look at the difficulties that you currently have.


How long does an Irlen® screening take?

The next step is to complete a screening, which takes approximately 90 minutes.  The screening determines if you have Irlen® Syndrome, the types of visual distortions, reading difficulties, and physical symptoms you are experiencing, and the color of overlay to alleviate those symptoms when you are reading or viewing printed information.   The screening also help to determine if you are a good candidate for Irlen® Spectral Filters.



How do I get Irlen® Spectral Filters?

Our Irlen® Diagnostician can determine a precision tint for Irlen® Spectral Filters.  This comprehensive appointment usually takes 3 hours to complete.  We order individualized Spectral Filters from the Irlen® Lab.  Both non-prescription and prescription lenses can be tinted.



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